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Puppy & Adult Dog Training

Award winning Puppy Training specialist with over 20 years experience helping you achieve results with reward based Training and Behavioural Techniques.


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St Johns, Church Road, Sidcup, Kent DA14 6BX

Tuesday morning & evening, Wednesday evening

Roberts Hall, Christchurch, Broadway, Bexleyheath DA6 7BT

Thursday evening & Saturday morning


- Small class sizes

- Positive, Reward based Training

- Structured Training programme

-5* Google Reviews


CORONAVIRUS - In line with government directives our face to face training is currently on 'pawse'.   Please see below for details of our services for when we are able to start training again.






Puppy Course - 6 weeks - £99

Beginner - Dogs under 6 months

45 minutes


Popular puppy course combining training, behaviour advice and the opportunity to meet some new puppy friends!   Puppy support material included.


Puppy Course Content:


Week 1:  No Puppies attend this week    

  • Pack Hierarchy

  • Treats & Rewards

  • Play-Biting

  • Jumping up

  • Housetraining

  • Attention seeking

  • Communication


Week 2 - 6 : Practical Sessions

  • Lead–walking

  • Sit, Down, Stand

  • Recall

  • Leave

  • Stay

  • Handling & grooming advice






Puppy Course - 4 weeks - £69

Beginner - Dogs under 6 months.

45 minutes


A shorter course but just as useful and enjoyable with the opportuity to practice around distractions and meet some new puppy friends!


Puppy Course Content:


Dogs attend every week of this course which consists of practical training.  


  • Lead Walking

  • Sit, Down, Stand

  • Recall

  • Leave

  • Stay

  • Jumping Up


Other general puppy advice included.









Level 1 Course - 6 weeks -£75 

After completion of a Puppy Course

45 minutes


Dogs over 6 months new to training can also attend this course after

completion of a one to one session.

This course follows on from a beginner course.  It will review the training you have already practiced and introduce new areas to help make your dog more reliable and improve their focus


Level 1 Course Content:

  • Lead–walking

  • Sit, Down, Stand

  • Recall

  • Leave and distraction practice

  • Stay

  • Jumping Up / Manners at home  



Level 2 Course - 6 weeks - £75

After completion of Level 1 Course

45 minutes


This course progresses on from all the basics and application techniques learned in the first two courses. It is also a useful refresher course, should you return to training a while after completing your beginner courses.


Level 2 Course Content:


  • Lead–walking

  • Sit, Down, Stand

  • Recall, Leave, Stay

  • Working more reliably around distractions

  • Greetings to people and dogs

  • Leaving and giving up items

  • Introducing off lead work and recall exercises.

Level 3 Course - 6 weeks - £75

After completion of Level 2 Course

45 minutes


This course progresses on from all the basics and application techniques learned in the earlier courses.  Dogs attending will need to have good lead control and basics in place and be capable of settling around other dogs both on and off lead.


Level 3 Course Content:


  • Working 'off-lead'

  • Retrieving

  • Scent work

  • Send away,

  • Working around food distractions

  • Directional cues

  • Stay out of sight

  • Other technical exercises.


Courses can be booked online and payment will be required when booking your place.  Private Training needs to be booked via phone/email and you can pay for your service in advance by bank transfer or in cash on the day.

If you are planning a holiday or suspect your dog will come into season during a course, you are advised to wait for the next course. If your dog is unwell or in season, they are unable to attend - once booked a course place is your own so once a course has started, unfortunately we cannot refund for weeks you are unable to attend.


Dogs with behaviour problems such as aggression/ barking at other dogs are not able to attend a training course. Adult Dogs new to training must be well socialised. Behaviour Consultations are available if you need help for dogs displaying these behaviours.

All courses have limited places available and you are not guaranteed a place on any course unless it is booked and paid for.

Our courses are comprehensive which makes them unsuitable for very young children, however older children who can listen and implement the exercises usually enjoy the opportunity to get involved with training their puppy/dog.  


New Puppy Appointment - £59

A 90 minute home visit for puppies under 6 months of age.


Many owners can feel overwhelmed when trying to raise their puppy successfully, especially if they have not owned a dog before.  The home visit will cover all you need to get started and give you confidence in handling the variety of situations and challenges you may face over the coming months.


These appointments are very useful in the early days to help your puppy settle into their new home.


Appointments can cover Housetraining, Playbiting, Chewing, Jumping, Feeding, Barking/Attention seeking, Separation issues, Pack Hierarchy, Communication, Socialising, Puppies and Children and basic commands such as Sit & Down.

Please book by phone or email


Adult Dog Training Appointment - £59

A 90 minute session for dogs over 6 months.  


These appointments cover a review of your requirements and include practical training in the areas you require assistance with. They may be held in the home or areas where training is required i.e. parks or pedestrian areas.  Often, a training need is driven by looking at 'the bigger picture' so it may be neccessary to break training down into achievable targets.

Examples of What's covered?

Pulling on the lead

Jumping Up / General manners

Recall / Improving focus


What's not covered?




(see Behaviour Consultation)

Follow up Appointments - £35

Further appointments if required

Please book by phone or email


Behaviour Consultation - £100

Home visit for dogs over 6 months

90 mins - 2 hours


An assessment of your dogs Behaviour, looking at the problems you are experiencing and the best way forward to resolve them.

We will consider the best techniques to use and work out an achievable plan for both you and your dog.

Some owners will only require this one off consultation and others may require further shorter training sessions. Please enquire.

Examples of What's covered?


Aggression within the home

Nuisance Barking (i.e. in the garden)

House soiling/destruction


Behaviour Plan - please enquire

For dogs showing aggression outside of the home.

Please book by phone or email


Private Puppy Course -

3 sessions - £125

For puppies under 6 months at the start of the course.

1st session            90 minutes

2nd/3rd sessions 60 minutes


Sometimes it is difficult for owners to attend a regular group course so you can book a private course consisting of 3 sessions.  Example sessions:


Session 1:

At Home. Advice on other puppy related issues such as jumping, biting, housetraining and general management of puppy behaviour. Teach Sit/Down/Stay

Session 2:

At Home. Review Sit/Down/Stay. Teach

Leave and Lead walking outside

Session 3:

In the Park. Working around dogs, Lead walking and Recall, Structuring the walk and how to keep walks successful.


Puppies should have already been out socialising with you for a few weeks before commencing any outdoor sessions.


Please book by phone or email


Prices quoted are based on local locations to Sidcup for home visits.  If more travelling time is required, appointment costs may be adjusted - please get in touch if you are further afield and would like a quote.