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Private Training and Behaviour

For a variety of reasons, you may be unable to attend a regular course to help you with training your dog and in many cases of Behaviour issues, a course isn't the right place for you to start anyway as you will require more specific assistance to help you move forward with your dog.


Individual Training/Behaviour Programmes are perfect if you require more tailored assistance or if you need your training to fit in with your own routines. In these cases, you will gain confidence and success from my ongoing support and structured training plans.


New Puppy Appointments are ideal for new puppy owners to help get you started within the home, covering any issues you would specifically like help with and providing a wealth of information and support to get you started on the right path!

New Puppy Appointment - £50


A 90 minute home visit for puppies under 6 months of age.


Many owners can feel overwhelmed when trying to raise their puppy successfully, especially if they have not owned a dog before.  The home visit will cover all you need to get started and give you confidence in handling the variety of situations and challenges you may face over the coming months.


These appointments are very useful for when you bring your puppy home and, if you wish, you can then attend a Puppy Training Course for the more practical exercises and work around other dogs.


Appointments can cover Housetraining, Playbiting, Chewing, Jumping, Feeding, Barking/Attention seeking, Separation issues, Pack Hierarchy, Communication, Puppies and Children and basic commands such as Sit/Down/Leave.


Please feel free to discuss your own requirements.

Private Training Sessions - £35


Training Sessions can be booked by the hour and will cover training requirements such as pulling on the lead, jumping up, recall and general obedience.


These appointments will cover a review of your requirements and practical training relevant to the areas you require assistance with. They may be held in the home or any areas where training is required i.e. parks or pedestrian areas.

Training appointments are not suitable for dogs with behaviour issues such as barking, aggression or anxiety related problems: please see the Behaviour Consultation/modification Programme section for assistance with these problems.


Private Training Sessions x 3 - £100


Many owners benefit from a block of training sessions to review what they have been practising and develop on their new skills and success.  You can develop what you have already learnt and introduce new exercises for more reliability  You can book a block of 3 sessions for a discounted price (block bookings are payable on the first session)


Behaviour Consultation - £100


A 2 hour home visit providing an assessment of your dogs Behaviour and Training requirements. This consultation is available for all types of training and behaviour issues.  We will look at what problems you are experiencing and the best way forward to resolve them.


Some owners will only require this one off consultation and once knowing how to proceed , can successfully achieve this on their own.


You will be advised:


  • What is considered problematic behaviour

  • The cause of the problem(s)

  • How to resolve the problem(s)


Dogs who are displaying issues of aggression / anti-social behaviour (and some other problems) may require an Individual Behaviour Programme scheduled to take place over 6 months  - we all know Rome wasn't built in a day!

Please get in touch to discuss your options.

The Individual Behaviour Programme


  • Suitable for Behaviour related issues requiring ongoing training such as aggression, barking, severe anxiety or anti-social behaviours.

  • An initial 2 hour home visit to provide an assessment of your dogs behaviour and requirements and to get started with your training. Followed by 5 shorter practical sessions in environments relevant to your circumstances. These are usually held once every 4 weeks.

  • Modern, positive techniques best suited for you, your dog and your circumstances

  • Telephone/email support during your Behaviour Programme.


A 6 month Individual Behaviour programme will begin on the date of your first appointment and it is designed to keep you moving forward with regular pre-booked sessions.  

You can book the plan on a pay as you go basis or you have the option of receiving a discounted price when you pay in full at your first appointment.  Sometimes, issues can be dealt with over a shorter timescale. Please get in touch for advice on the best options for you and your dog.


All fees are payable in full at your first appointment. This enables a plan to be made for you and commit the time to your training schedule. Fees paid are non-refundable.


Prices quoted are based on local locations to Sidcup for home visits.  If more travelling time is required, appointment costs may be adjusted - please get in touch if you are further afield and would like a quote.

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