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Group Training Courses

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A well trained dog and a well behaved dog can be two different things. A dog can know all the tricks in the book, but this doesn’t mean they will behave appropriately in everyday situations!


Training is reward based.  Developing a positive relationship with your dog is vital to achieve success in training.


  • Courses which focus on both Behaviour and Training techniques with continued advice and support.

  • Detailed support material and a structured training programme to follow.

  • Course have a maximum of 6-8 places available. No disruptions as only those on your course will attend.

  • The first week of the 6 week Puppy course and Basic Training course, owners attend without their dogs so that dog behaviour and individual questions can be answered, Dogs attend the remainder of the course.

         On 5 week Puppy Courses dogs attend every week.

  • Course content varies weekly using different exercises to develop reliability.


Puppy Course - 6 weeks - £99


(Beginner - Dogs under 6 months)


Puppy Course Content:


Week 1: No Puppies attend this week (puppies attend every week on 5 week courses - check course booking dates)


  • Pack Hierarchy

  • Treats & Rewards

  • Play-Biting

  • Jumping up

  • Housetraining

  • Attention seeking

  • Communication

  • How Dogs Learn and Behave


Week 2 - 6 : Practical Sessions

  • Lead–walking

  • Sit, Down, Stand

  • Recall

  • Leave

  • Stay

  • Handling & grooming advice

Training - Dogs over 6 months


(Beginner - Dogs over 6 months)


Private Sessions


Dogs over 6 months may need to be seen privately before joining  a course if they have issues with barking, aggression or cannot settle around others.




Small breed dogs over 6 months may be able to attend a puppy class. Please enquire for details.


Dogs over 6 months with a little basic training and no barking/aggression and  who can settle around others may be able to join a Level 1 Course. Please enquire for details.

Level 1 Course - £75


(after completion of 'Puppy Course' or 'Basic Training Course' or for dogs with a little basic training)


This 6 week course follows on from a beginner course.  It will review the training you have already practiced as well as introducing new areas to help make your dog more reliable and improve on their focus and manners around the home.


Level 1 Course Content:


  • Lead–walking

  • Sit, Down, Stand

  • Recall

  • Leave

  • Stay

  • Jumping Up

  • Technical Improvement

  • Manners around the home

  • Working around distraction

Level 2 Course - £75


(after completion of Level 1 Course or for dogs with good basics already in place)


This 6 week course progresses on from all the basics and application techniques learned in the first two courses. It is also a useful refresher course, should you return to training a while after completing your beginner courses.


Level 2 Course Content:


  • Lead–walking

  • Sit, Down, Stand

  • Recall, Leave, Stay

  • Working more reliably around distractions

  • Greetings to people and dogs

  • Leaving and giving up items

  • Introducing off lead work and recall exercises.

Level 3 Course - £75


(after completion of Level 2 Course)


This course progresses on from all the basics and application techniques learned in the earlier courses.  Dogs attending will need to have good lead control and basics in place and be capable of settling around other dogs both on and off lead.


Level 3 Course Content:


  • Working 'off-lead'

  • Retrieving

  • Scent work

  • Send away,

  • Working around food distractions

  • Directional cues

  • Stay out of sight

  • Other technical exercises.



Course places cannot be offered when a course has already started.


If you are planning a holiday or suspect your dog will come into season during a course, you are advised to wait until the next available course. Likewise, if your dog is unwell or in season, they are unable to attend while affected - unfortunately no refund can be provided.


Dogs with existing behaviour problems such as aggression or barking at other dogs need to be seen on a Behaviour Consultation before booking a course.


All courses have limited places available.  Once a course has started , the place is yours for the course. As such, regretfully refunds cannot be given for weeks you cannot attend.